Agricultural Scholarships


Agricultural Scholarships

Agricultural scholarships exist at a number of levels for students from all walks of life who have an interest in any sort of agriculture work. Whether they want to pursue a career in the beef, milk, or grain industries agriculture scholarships are there to help students get the financial assistance they need to enter an educational program and in all hopes succeed in their career goals. Many different states and colleges offer their own agricultural college scholarships as well do companies like Con-Agra.


National programs provided by the federal government are also available for students who are interested in fellowships or very specific agriculture needs. Many of these agriculture scholarships are given out to students who are attending land grant universities in states where such institutions exist, while other programs may provide funding to private universities or non-land grant organizations. When it comes right down to it, students interested in a degree which involves agriculture should be able to find a agricultural scholarship program with relative ease due to the sheer number of programs available. They may be easy scholarships to get.

The United States Department of Agriculture is an obvious place to turn to when trying to find agricultural scholarships. Their NRCS 1890 National Scholars Program provides multiple USDA scholarships in agriculture to students planning to attend a college which is considered and recognized as a black land grant university. The program pays for the full tuition of students and provides employment for graduates immediately after graduation for at least the summer. In order to be eligible, students will need to be United States citizens, be coming to college as a freshman for the first time, have at least a 3.0 grade point average and be preparing to attend a historically black land grant university. Applicants are also expected to have scored at least a 1,000 on the math portion of their SAT or a 21 composite score on the ACT. Students will need to be studying an agricultural program and be able demonstrate a commitment to community service. Application materials are expected to be turned in no later than February 1.

The National Future Farmers of America Organization gives out ag scholarships every year to students interested in pursuing a career in a field related to agriculture. All applicants will need to be members of the FFA, have formal farming experience, be involved in community service and have a strong academic record. Reward amounts will vary based on financial need. Applications for the 2011-2012 academic cycle will open on November 15, 2011 and close February 15 2012.

Agricultural scholarships are available through the National Dairy Shrine which provides more than $40,000 in awards every year to selected students. At least eight different agricultural scholarships are available every year varying in amounts from as low as $1,000 to as high as $3,000. Eligibility for awards varies from scholarship to scholarship and students should look over the National Dairy Shrine website for specific details for programs they may be interested in. Applications for these programs open March 1 and close April 15.

Amongst some of the great agriculture scholarships out there is the Central Florida Orchid Society program which gives out $3,000 to a varying number of students every year. This agricultural scholarship focuses on students who have career interests in various fields including horticultural science, plant biology, landscape or nursery horticulture or plant science. Students will be eligible for this program if they are United States citizens, have above average grades, are attending a university full time and live in Polk, Lake, Osceola, Brevard, Seminole or Volusia county. Applications should be submitted no later than February 15.

A company called Annie’s gives out multiple agricultural college scholarships every year for students who impress the selection committee. These potentially easy scholarships for agriculture vary in amounts and students in 2011 received anywhere from $2,500 all the way up to $10,000. The company gives out at least $75,000 worth of scholarship money each year and the amounts awarded will depend largely on financial need. Students must be studying sustainable growing techniques and be attending school in the United States while maintaining a strong academic record. Applications open up in September and a deadline will be announced at that time.

An Easy College Scholarship Search Engine

Use an easy college scholarship search engine first before anything else when searching for scholarships, because your search could be done very quickly. Does it sound too easy and good to be true? Not really. This is exactly how searching for a college scholarship can turn out. You can find out in 20 minutes if you could be eligible or not, and won’t have to pay to find out either. This scholarship search engine is free to use. It’s large and affiliated with every college and university. If there is monies to be found, based on your criteria, this place will work very hard find it for you.

We know how hard it is to pay for college these days, especially with the economy suffering the way it is today. It already takes more money than we make to pay for everyday essentials, much less a college education. Many people don’t think they can afford a college education so they just take some mundane job after high school and struggle along, trying to pay their bills. Students from struggling families or even adults who want to further their education usually give up in frustration because college tuitions are so high.

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Even though you probably didn’t realize it, college scholarships are still flourishing and, chances are, you will likely qualify for many of them! Now there’s an easy way to determine your eligibility by using this scholarship search engine.

Used by Colleges Themselves
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You will create an accurate, detailed profile of yourself, including all of the information listed above, plus whatever else might be required by the companies offering the many scholarships.

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Depending upon which scholarships you qualify for, you might be asked for additional information from the specific company offering the scholarship or given a link for their particular site, which will enable you to apply directly.

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Not only will you be matched with scholarships, you will be given a wealth of information concerning nearby colleges, as well as jobs and internships they may offer based on the specific degree you are seeking.

I went to this site and, within a matter of minutes, found at least 20 scholarships I qualified for based on my former grades, area of residence, and future course of study. I also found a ton of useful information concerning nearby schools I was interested in attending. There was even information about student loans I could check out. I could not believe how simple this process actually was once I completed my profile!

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