Unusual Agriculture Scholarships for Women

Unusual agriculture scholarships for women.

Not too many years ago, agriculture was primarily seen as a field for men. Times have changed, though, and many companies and colleges are eager to erase these stereotypes and help women to excel in fields related to agriculture.
Unusual agriculture scholarships for women such as the Mahindra 2009 Women in Ag Scholarships are designed to accomplish just this goal. If you’re a woman, and you’re interested in earning a college degree in a field related to agriculture, find out how your gender can help you earn money for college.

Mahindra Tractors has developed an agreement with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) to administer this scholarships award, which is offered annually to four female recipients. This unique scholarship program is very popular, so it isn’t too likely that any of these valuable agricultural scholarships will go unclaimed. Last year, for example, the scholarships foundation received more than 1,500 applications.

Each of the Mahindra WIA agriculture scholarships is $2,500 each. The selected winners are chosen by the FFA based on a number of criteria, including their academic qualifications, leadership skills, and their level of interest in and commitment to obtaining a degree in an agriculture-related field. The agricultural scholarship funds can be used to pay for books, classroom fees, tuition expenses, or equipment required for a class.
If you are one of the persons chosen to receive this scholarship in agriculture, the Mahindra Corporation does reserve the right to require that you appear with certain company executives, representatives, or dealers for company-related award celebrations. Additionally, the company expects to be permitted to use your name for media purposes, or in advertising or company promotions.

Sometimes, even scholarships for agriculture students come with a small price, and the price of this unusual scholarship is the potential for some public attention and interest. If you are strongly opposed to this, you probably should choose not to apply for this Ag scholarship.

If you don’t mind the advertising appearances in exchange for scholarship money, however, you may find an opportunity for personal or professional gain in appearing at one of these celebrations. Who knows, your next employer or manager may be scheduled to attend the event too, looking for someone with the unique skills and qualifications you have!

The Mahindra 2009 Women in Agriculture Scholarships applications can be downloaded and submitted through the FFA scholarship website. The applications for the 2009-2010 school year will close in just a few days though (application deadline is February 17th), so unless you already have all of the materials together, you may have to wait until next year to apply for this unique tuition scholarship. Don’t worry, though; as long as you’re still enrolled in college next year, you can apply for the chance to become a 2010 Mahindra WIA scholarship recipient!

Many women have already blazed the trail utilizing these unusual agriculture scholarships for women, but many more women are still pioneering new directions in agriculture-related degree fields. This is your chance to gain some extra help in paying for your college education, and increasing the publicity profile of women in agriculture in the process. What are you waiting for? Start looking into applying for the Mahindra scholarship for agriculture today!

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  • Jack says:

    Are your interest in cattle, dairy and milk? Then you should read up on the milk scholarships and dairy scholarships from DHIA and the National Milk Producers Federation National Dairy. You will know if you qualify if their simple conditions are met.
    Also; the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA) has cattle scholarships in agriculture that may be a good fit also. Whats nice about these awards is that each of the cattle scholarships for agriculture students offered by the association is a little different, and each offers students a unique opportunity to excel. There are a number of them too.

  • Casey says:

    How, where can I find applications or forums for these scholarships? Thanks

  • Casey says:

    Thanks Jack!

  • Jack says:

    There are many types of “unusual scholarships today which amazes me that there is even one for. They have scholarships for being left handed and also short scholarships too. There must be some other criteria to qualify I’m sure like a GPA over 3.00 or something else unless all short people and all left handed people would recieve a scholarship. The unusual scholarship is fast becoming the normal scholarship and I guess that’s OK if it sends more people to college.

  • Yalmwork says:

    Hi there!
    My name is Yalemwork Meswaet. I have Bsc degree in Dry land crop and Horticultural Science from Mekelle universcity and now I am working in Dilla University as an instructor.
    I am now looking for scholarship to upgrade my level of education to MSc in related felids with that of the field I study. I hope that you will help me to get the opportunity for free scholarship. I am interested Horticulture and related field so as to change my country’s economic aspects.
    Hoping to hear the best from you!

  • tosin salami says:

    hi, my name is tosin.i just graduated from Federal university of technology Akure in Nigeria.i I have Bsc degree in Agricultural engineering and would like to upgrade my level of education to MSc in related aspects of agricultural engineering especially the agric machineries. I hope you would help me get the opportunity i need for free scholarship.i intend to practice agriculture to the fullest inorder to re-orient the youths in my country to live a life of impact & fulfill their dreams.i would expect a reply.you guys are doing a great Job.thanks

  • Kalkidan says:

    Hello my name is Kalkidan Sileshi. I graduated from Haramaya Universty in Natural resource management in Ethiopia.I am looking for Msc scholareship in Agriculture and related feild please help me.
    with best regards

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