Roundup an Unknown Agricultural Scholarship from Monsanto

Roundup an Unknown Agricultural Scholarship from Monsanto

Many unknown agricultural scholarships are offered by Monsanto, maker of the “Roundup” brand herbicide. As an innovative company which employs over 18,000 employees throughout the world, Monsanto applies science and technology to help farmers produce healthier food. Any student interested in an agricultural career should look at the several scholarships in agriculture that this world wide corporation has to offer.

The Monsanto Commitment to Agriculture Scholarship offers 100 scholarships each year to high school seniors from farming families. Selected individuals for the agricultural scholarships receive a one-time award of $1500.00. Eligibility requirements for applicants include an above-average academic record and enrollment in an agriculture-related academic major at an accredited school. Membership in the Future Farmers of America program is not required in order to receive this agricultural scholarship.

Also available to students from farming families is the Monsanto Roadrunner Scholarship. Employees of Monsanto support this scholarship in agriculture by raising the money on their own. By running half and full marathons, the Monsanto employees fund at least five agricultural scholarships worth $1500.00 each. Applicants for this scholarship in agriculture must show an above-average academic record and must plan to enroll full-time in an agriculture-related program. The college or university must be an accredited institution.

Monsanto and DEKALB have a long standing relationship in supporting youth in agriculture. DEKALB has taken this relationship one step further to offer The DEKALB Ag Youth Scholarship. Established in 2007 by the DEKALB WingWear apparel line, 10 agricultural scholarships are granted each year. Both high school and college students who are pursuing degrees in agricultural-related fields are eligible to apply for one of the $2500.00 awards. The student applying for the DEKALB scholarship in agriculture should demonstrate leadership skills and be involved in community activities. The National FFA Organization administers this agricultural scholarship but membership in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) is not required. Applications for this ag scholarship are due by mid-February each year.

If you live in a cotton producing state, check out this unknown scholarship in agriculture. (Cotton producing states are listed as Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.) Offered by the cotton-producing company, Deltapine, this agricultural cotton scholarship requires the student to submit an essay of 500 words or less titled, “My Future in Cotton.” (An essay over 500 words will be disqualified immediately.) At $1000.00 each, the nine scholarships available are given to students interested in agriculture or agribusiness. Besides living in a cotton-producing state, the student should be involved in agriculture-related activities or organizations. Requirements for the agricultural scholarship also include a GPA of 2.8 and enrollment as a full-time student in an agriculture related program. Either a two or four year program is acceptable but it must be an accredited institution.

The above scholarships in agriculture are awarded through Monsanto or one of its subsidiaries. Family members or persons related to employees of Monsanto, its agencies or competitive companies may not be eligible to apply.

Apply now, to the above respective unknown scholarships in agriculture that may apply to you and “roundup” as many agricultural scholarships as you can. It’s an exciting career choice in today’s rapidly growing industry and a smart way to pay for college.

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  • asalfew NIgussie says:

    Motivation letter

    I am a graduate student of Bsc in Meteorology science at the University of Arba Minch. Know I am working in National meteorological Agency of Ethiopia starting from 2006 therefore I have a sold four years of working experience. Start from Aug 2006 as a team leader of development meteorology team and from Aug 2009 up to know as a branch manager.
    At the university and even in my high school years I took part in many activities,
    Like summer universities, two month field project and small project on the Impact of ENSO on Awassa rainfall.
    I have several experiences in field assessment. I have worked with NGO and WFP workers in field assessment above to times. This enables me to experience of field work. I have got Agro meteorology training, LEAP soft ware training and participat on the verification of LEAP soft ware.
    I am able to work alone or as a part of a team, and I like working with people. I am flexible and open minded, and if it is needed, I enjoy organizing different tasks. I am able to work hard, and I love the new challenges. I am also eager to learn new things.
    I hope that the above experiences, knowledge, and skills make me convenient for filling a vacancy at your company.

    Yours sincerely,

    Asalfew Nigussie

  • nadar says:

    sir i am the student of plant breeding and genetics and serching for a sutible scholarship.

    • Jack says:


      read through our website and see which agricultural scholarships you seem to fit the criteria for and apply to as many as you can. Try contacting the sponsors directly for any specific questions you may have. Set an appointment with the college you are interested in attending and set up a face to face meeting with the financial aids manager to discuss your options. Colleges have certain programs which may help you out and not a scholarship but a grant or fellowship for your personal profile.

  • Masresha says:

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  • Rey says:

    Good day sir! I’m from the Philippines. i’m a graduate of veterinary medicine and i want to pursue my studies in the US. Is there a scholarship grant for international students? thank you very much and God bless!

  • Md. Shahaduzzaman says:

    Dear Sir
    I am Upazila Agriculture officer, under Ministry of Agriculture in Bangladesh.I completed my master degree in Agronomy. Now I serching a suitable Phd Scholarship.

  • Md. Shahaduzzaman says:

    Dear Sir
    I am Upazila Agriculture officer, under Ministry of Agriculture in Bangladesh.I completed my master degree in Agronomy. Now I serching a suitable Phd Scholarship in Bangladesh.

  • Faith says:

    I’m a single Hispanic moehtr of three children. Eight months ago my ex-husband left us without a way to support ourselves sufficiently. We were evicted and have had to live with family and friends. I am enrolled in a college and work full time but there is still not enough money for me to support all four of us. The father has not given me any financial support but I really don’t want to rely on him.I want to be self sufficient, that is why I am going to college to get my BSN. I just need some assistance until I can support myself and my children.