Royal Scholarship for Agriculture

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Royal Scholarship in Ag

Students with an interest in advancing their education with a agriculture scholarship may wish to consider applying for the Royal Scholarship Program. The program is sponsored by the American Royal Association and is intended to offer college students with the opportunity to advocate for the fiber and food industry.

The American Royal Association has been supported by BOTAR (Belles of the American Royal) since 1949 in an effort to provide volunteer services, foster community interest, enable growth and development and raise funds.

Along with being named as Royal Scholars, recipients of this award will also receive the opportunity to travel to Kansas City, Missouri in order to attend training and to also participate in American Royal events and activities. In 2004, the American Royal Rodeo was voted as one of the top five rodeos in the entire country.

Throughout the months of September, October and November, more than a quarter of a million people attend various American Royal events. American Royal initially began in a humble tent in the Kansas City Stockyards as a national Hereford Show. Since that time, the show has expanded into what is now known as the annual American Royal Livestock show. The show attracts future business and agriculture leaders, including high school and college students, as well as owners/breeders and animal enthusiasts from a 33-state region.

Along with a $2,500 agricultural scholarship each winner will receive, they will also receive opportunities to interact with and make connections with key leaders throughout the industry.

Prospective Ag scholarship candidates may also wish to apply for the Presidents’ Scholarship. This Royal scholarship is awarded to applicants who represent a spirit of volunteerism. High school seniors and college undergraduates are eligible to apply for this agricultural scholarship. Applicants may be pursuing a major within any field of study. Applicants are required to have completed a minimum of 15 volunteer hours at events sponsored by American Royal. The application deadline to apply for the Royal scholarship is December 1st.

American Royal, which is a not-for-profit organization, has been in existence for 112 years. The goal of the organization is to celebrate a rich agricultural heritage in Kansas City and the surrounding area through entertainment, education and competition. Each year, American Royal makes connections with more than 20,000 students through events and educational programs sponsored through the American Royal Museum. More than $1,700,000 was granted in 2010 by American Royal as a way of reaching its goals. This was accomplished through educational awards, competitive prize monies and agriculture scholarships.

American Royal is considered to be one of the premier events during the fall in Kansas City and hosts the largest barbecue contest in the world as well as the oldest and largest livestock exhibition and professional rodeo in the Midwest. The event is also comprised of a prestigious horse show as well as the national Championship Saddlebred horse competition.

The American Royal remains a beloved Kansas City tradition today, drawing the support of the Metropolitan Business Community as well as sponsors that are nationally recognized and more than 900 members, representing a diverse cross-section of the Kansas City Metropolitan Community.

Along with the Royal American Scholarships, Royal American also offers internship opportunities. Prospective interns should be available beginning June through November. There are two internship periods available; summer and fall. Current college students as well as college graduates are encouraged to apply for the internship program. Applicants with backgrounds in marketing, agriculture and communication and who also possess strong computer skills are encouraged to apply to the internship program.

Students selected as Royal American interns will act as an integral part of the overall American Royal Team and will be granted the opportunity to further promote American Royal’s mission, while also developing and enhancing skills in problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Responsibilities will include generating story ideas for local, regional and national media and carrying out grassroots marketing initiatives. The deadline to apply is June 1st.

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    Please I want to apply, how do I do that since there isn’t postal address or procedure as to how I will apply. Please help.

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    Want to pursue a degree in agriculture and entirely venture in it. For example, I want to built green houses in Kenya since I have land. What should I do to get your scholarship since I am a Kenyan.

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    I wanted to pursue PhD in Agriculture either in organic or weed science. If possible give me feedback by mail.

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      you may want to look for those scholarships/grants/bursaries you can apply to and apply to them. PhD student aid is harder to find; but you can if you look hard enough. Have you looked into your own government bursary programs? If not you may want to firstly.