Obscure Agricultural Scholarship from Wisconsin

Obscure Agricultural Scholarship from Wisconsin

How would you like to live in one of the most beautiful states in the Union while you pursue your dream of a career in agriculture? An obscure agricultural scholarship could lead you to Wisconsin, the land of cheese. You may not be able to actually grow dairy products but the essential ingredients for cheese, butt and milk manufacturing are all tied to agriculture.

In 1973 an anonymous donor gave $25,000 to establish the Fort Atkins Community Foundation in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. The key goal of the Foundation is to enhance life within the Fort Atkinson community. Many obscure scholarships are offered through the Foundation, including an agricultural scholarship.

The Ben and Ada Hake Agriculture Scholarship is awarded to graduates of Fort Atkinson High School. Lloyd Hake established this agricultural scholarship through the Foundation in the memory of his parents, Ben and Ada Hake. The Hakes successfully farmed in the Fort Atkinson community for many years and it is Lloyd Hake’s desire to encourage this tradition. By offering an agricultural scholarship in his parent’s names, Lloyd Hake perpetuates the industry that helped his family thrive.

Only graduates of Fort Atkinson High School pursuing post secondary agricultural related education should apply for this scholarship in agriculture. Students who pursue a one or two year technical school program in agriculture, as well as students pursuing a four-year degree from a college or university, are eligible to apply for this agricultural scholarship.

As stated above, only graduates of Fort Atkinson High School are eligible to apply. (A graduate of Fort Atkinson High School is defined as a student who has completed four consecutive semesters at the high school, culminating in graduation.) The qualified recipient of this agricultural scholarship must also graduate in the top one-third of their class. Financial need is also considered when awarding The Ben and Ada Hake Agriculture Scholarship although it is not the only consideration.

Good character and a strong work ethic are important attributes for the beneficiary of this agricultural scholarship. Confirmation of these personal characteristics is verified through two letters of recommendation. Community involvement, extra-curricular activities and work experience will substantiate the student’s personal values and traits.

Besides the two letters of recommendation, applicants must submit a written essay and official transcripts from the required educational institutions. The student will use the application form for the Ben and Ada Hake Agriculture Scholarship form when submitting this information.

If Wisconsin is your home state and Fort Atkinson High School is (or will be) your alma mater, consider the Ben and Ada Hake Agricultural Wisconsin Scholarship. The rapidly growing industry of agriculture has many different areas for students with all different interests. Farmers are only part of the big picture. Scientists and chemists are also essential to this business. Besides continuing the tradition of these successful farmers, your commitment to this field will enhance the community of Fort Atkinson. The Wisconsin State motto is “Forward.” This obscure agricultural scholarship from the Fort Atkins Community Foundation is the best way to live in the tradition of your state’s motto.

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    Please go to the following link to see what the future of Agriculture is doing! The students who made and won the video contest are first graders from Durant, Oklahoma. Any recongition would be an honor to these amazing students and their teacher, Miss Beth Bean. Thank you fro your time! http://youtu.be/oHsm_u4ynRI