Natural Annie Sustainable Scholarship in Agriculture

If you want a natural scholarship, then look into the Annie Sustainable Scholarship in Agriculture. You can’t get an organization that is more fully natural from A -Z then the Annie’s homegrown totally natural corporation in Napa CA. If you’re not into natural food products you would think that Annie’s goes overboard with their all natural food outlook, but they really don’t. They are just doing it right when it comes to preservation of our planet & how we grow our food today.

Annie’s have created a totally natural food growing standard that is being followed by more & more food growers today. Their core philosophy as Annie’s describe it is “Planet to Food. Food to People. People to Planet”. They believe that healthy soils and healthy farms are the foundation for healthy foods, which help make healthy people! I don’t think too many food lovers will argue with that approach.

Annie’s Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship program pays a whopping total of $50,000 a year for students who win which includes undergraduates as well as graduate students who apply as long as you are striving for a degree in ‘Sustainable and Organic Agriculture’. International students can apply if they are studying at a US College. Your application must be postmarked between July 15th and October 31st to qualify. If you’re a winner of this scholarship in agriculture you will be telephoned first, emailed second, and only by US mail if you don’t respond by the first two notifications because Annie’s consciousness on paper mail & trees destroyed. In fact; you must apply online first and email your application to apply to the Annie Sustainable Scholarship in Agriculture. You must complete & sign the application form along with the required personal statement and email them to: The personal statement you have to send in is your own perspective on sustainable agriculture. You will be asked also to write on your academic accomplishments & work experience too. By March 10th you will be notified if you win. Annie’s ask that you not call to find out because of the large number of calls they already receive. Along with the above you must send US mail (below) to them your official transcripts and (2) letters of recommendation from someone not related to you who can attest to your commitment on ‘Sustainable Agriculture’. Whoever writes this letter must sign, seal it & sign the seal in an already sealed envelope. For more information on go to Annie Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship Program.

Annie’s Homegrown Scholarship Committee
564 Gateway Drive
Napa, CA 94558

Email the documents to:
Call 800.288.1089 for all questions or email them.

To give you an idea of the kind of background the winners of the Annie Sustainable Scholarship in Agriculture have, the 2009 winners had these credentials:

Jennifer Gardner/$10,000 recipient/Cornell University/Crop and Soil Sciences
Meryl Olson/$10,000 recipient/University of Vermont/Agroecology and Rural Livelihoods
Megan Schnur/$2,500 recipient/Purdue University/Biochemistry (Pre Vet)
Maggie Lickter$/2,500 recipient/University of California, Davis/Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
Madison Vander Hill/$10,000 recipient/Current high school student, college TBD
Suzanne Sweetnam/$10,000 recipient/Vassar College/Earth Science & Society
Timothy Krupnik/$2,500 recipient/University of California, Santa Cruz/Environmental Studies Agroecology
Sarah Broughton/$2,500 recipient/University of Tennessee-Knoxville/Plant Sciences

All received Agricultural scholarships in what they love to do. It’s nice to love what you are doing in life and those who get scholarships in agriculture seem to have more of these types of students – those who really care & show their love through agriculture! You can’t get a more natural scholarship then this!


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