Illinois Scholarships in Agriculture

Unknown Illinois Scholarships in Agriculture from Farm Credit Services

There are many unknown Illinois scholarships in agriculture for students of Illinois and those attending college in Illinois. 1st Farm Credit Services which services northern Illinois, and Farm Credit Services which services southern Illinois; has shown a continued dedication to agriculture by supporting the rural youth of America through support of the FFA Scholarships and the 4-H unknown Illinois scholarships in agriculture programs. Their support is not limited only to local communities but also to programs and counties within the state of Illinois.

What kind of career path can an agricultural scholarship lead you to? Students who have grown up in rural areas know that agriculture refers to more than just planting and harvesting seeds! A career in agriculture is a commitment to feed and sustain future generations of the world. More and more opportunities are opening up in this wide-open field. Scientist may study seeds that grow cotton for clothing. Biochemists may study soil that will grow the best crop in the shortest amount of time. The environmental scientist may study the effects of livestock on weather patterns around the world. Of course, farmers are the most important people in agriculture and will always be the backbone of the industry.

If an Illinois  scholarship in agriculture will put you on the right path to your career goal, consider the following information. 1st Farm Credit Services offers many individual agricultural scholarships to help you succeed in the field of agriculture. This institution is located in the state of Illinois and awards scholarships in agriculture to the communities that it serves. Three agricultural scholarships confirm their loyalty to students who intend to pursue agriculture as their profession.

“At The Heart of a Growing America” Agricultural Scholarship Program is the first of the Illinois scholarships in agriculture offered by this organization. This program provides 24 individual scholarships valued at $1000.00 each. Students who qualify for this agricultural scholarship must live or attend high school within the 42-county service territory of 1st Farm Credit Services. Each applicant must submit a brief essay and will be judged on their academic achievement, community involvement and activities within agricultural youth groups.

Community College Agricultural Scholarship Program provides $500.00 awards for scholarships in agricultural. The grant is given to students who attend one of the community colleges within the 42-county service territory of 1st Farm Credit Services. The recipients are chosen by the individual community colleges with no input from 1st Farm Credit Services. For those students interested in this agricultural scholarship, the accepted schools within these counties are: Black Hawk College-East Campus, Kewanee; Highland Community College, Freeport; Illinois Central College, East Peoria; Illinois Valley Community College, Oglesby; John Wood Community College, Perry; Joliet Junior College, Joliet; Kishwaukee College, Malta; Spoon River College, Canton.

The John Leatherbury Scholarship Program offers an Illinois college scholarship in agriculture in the amount of $3000.00 per year of study. This award is given to a student at the Illinois State University with a major in agriculture. Students who focus on agricultural finance, communication or marketing have an advantage in receiving this agricultural scholarship. Academic performance in high school or college, as well as ACT scores, are considered when awarding this Illinois college scholarship in agriculture.

Farm Credit which services southern Illinois, will ward twenty-three $1,000 “We Understand” Agriculture Scholarships to high school seniors this spring. To participate for this ag scholarship, applicants must be high school seniors who plan to enroll in a college or university during the fall 2009 semester and pursuing an agriculture-related academic major or career. Applicants must reside in one of the sixty southern counties in Illinois which Farm Credit serves. This Illinois agriculture scholarship application deadline is March 15, 2009.

If you live in the state of Illinois, highly consider 1st Farm Credit Services and Farm Credit unknown agricultural scholarships. It’s a fast growing, high tech industry that has many job opportunities available now and the future.

Illinois Scholarships in Agriculture from Farm Credit Services
1st Farm Credit Services Ag Scholarships (northern Illinois)
At The Heart of a Growing America Agricultural Scholarship Program
Community College Agricultural Scholarship Program
John Leatherbury Scholarship Program

Farm Credit Services Ag Scholarships (southern Illinois)
We Understand Agriculture Scholarship Program

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  • Jack says:

    Farm Credit Services of Illinois is a farmer owned and supervised agricultural lending unit with well over $2.3 billion of assets. Their goal is to provide competitive and flexible farm financing and crop insurance knowledge to approximately eight thousand farmers, agribusinesses, and rural landowners in the southern-most sixty counties of Illinois. The U.S. Farm Credit System mission is to supply financial capital and financial services to the agricultural industry and Rural America. The value of investing in young people who have a passion for agriculture is well understood by the Farm Credit Services of Illinois. 1st Farm Credit Services is based in Normal, Illinois, and is the largest agricultural lender in Illinois today (2009).

  • Edwin says:

    how can I apply for Illinoi scholarships in agriculture?

    • Jack says:


      search for the Illinois scholarship in your browser to go to the scholarship page you want to apply to. There are a few we mentioned here; but you must go directly to their webpage to apply.