Agriculture Scholarships for Stable Careers

Agricultural Scholarships for Stable Careers

Agriculture Scholarships for Stable Careers

People that want to pursue a career in agriculture should know that there are many agriculture scholarships out there that can help them through college. If there is one occupation in this world that will never go out of fashion or demand, the most certain one is agriculture. As long as people live, they will eat. As long as they eat, there will be a demand for food grains and other agricultural products. Hence, agriculture is a fantastic career option. Of course, it is a highly technical and specialized field and it requires your intelligence, commitment and motivation to succeed.

A successful farmer shall be a part of the food chain and can make a huge difference to the ecology and the environment. That is the reason why there are many studies, courses and programs focusing on agriculture.

Scholarships in agriculture can be divided into different categories. One set of ag scholarships is offered by the government and is directed towards attraction of talent to agriculture as a whole. Another set of scholarships for agriculture are offered by organizations and companies. These ag scholarships focus on specific activities like farming, horticulture, seed development, nutrition and even research and development in all these areas. Take a look at some of the common agricultural scholarships available for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Monsanto Company and The National Association of Farm Broadcasters
This agriculture scholarship is available to any person following a two or four year degree in any agriculture centric course. Minimum SAT score and GPA requirements are present. Moreover, the applicant must come from a family with background in agriculture. The company offers 100 scholarships of $1,500 each. Lots of ag scholarship chances here.

DeKalb Ag Youth Scholarship offers 10 scholarships worth $2,500 for those following agricultural related degrees. Online application ends every year on February 15.

Monsanto Roadrunner Scholarship is open for those who come from families of farmers and whom intend to become full time students in the field of agriculture. Five scholarships for agriculture worth $1,500 each are available.

AGCO Corporation offers 12 agriculture scholarships worth $2,000 each for students of courses related to crop science, general agriculture and other agricultural centric communication, education, journalism etc.

AGDATA Inc. offers two $2,500 agriculture scholarships for students in the fields of dairy, soil science, ranch management and other related fields, along with general agriculture.

There are numerous other scholarships for agriculture students ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars offered by firms like AGCO Finance,
Agribusiness Division – Wilbur-Ellis Company, Agrium U.S. Inc., Alpha Gamma Rho Educational Foundation, Anderson Foundation etc.

The basic idea behind all these scholarships in agriculture is to reward good students and encourage them to opt for formal education in agriculture. Hence, don’t think that farming or agriculture is all about hard work involving machines and livestock. With so many changes taking place in the environment, it is only natural for farming techniques to also undergo a change.

Furthermore, these agricultural scholarships are not all about farming alone. Horticulture, dairy management and other soil related activities will also be covered. Some scholarships for agriculture require residency in a particular state or set of states for a student to become eligible. Make sure you fulfill the criteria and apply before the due date to get your college education funded without any financial burden if the field of agriculture interest you.


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